How to approach a girl-The best ways to effectively pick up women?


“She is so beautiful! I wish I could take her out for a movie!” Have you ever been a victim of such a nerve-wracking  experience?  

Have you ever felt that you just don’t have it in you to approach a girl?

The truth is that you are one in a million, and you have what it takes – all you need is a little guidance and a shove!


Confidence speaks for itself!

There are several ways to approach a woman , whether you meet her at a bar, a restaurant, while shopping in a mall or even on the street. There is no perfect approach and what you need is a boost in confidence, as you will learn at some of the top day-game weekend boot camps.

Women love men who sparkle with confidence because it gives them a sense of security. Your confidence should reflect in the way you walk, smile, and speak. The first words matter, and it should come to you naturally like “hi! Are you new in town?”

Never Oogle!

Some men never learn and most women never forget! When you walk to a woman for the first time, don’t get blown by her torso. Staring at her torso will make her run for sure and that will be the end.

Maintaining an eye contact is crucial but at the same time don’t give her a penetrative look as if you were looking right through her. That kind of look will make most women nervous, and that’s the last thing you want to do.

Never use cheesy pick-up lines

Never use cheesy pick-up lines unless you are feeling suicidal. An example of a cheesy pick-up line would be something like “You really shouldn’t wear makeup. You’re messing with perfection! “or “You are so sweet you could put Hershey’s out of business.” Most women can make out what is on your mind in the first 5 minutes, so it is better to go with a simple “Hi! I am Sam.”

Don’t just blabber – say something interesting

Women are turned off by unintelligent conversation, or if you are talking of something that doesn’t interest them. One of the best ways to start a conversation is by saying something relevant to the situation, the place, or the woman.

If you are in a supermarket picking up vegetables, you can very simply approach a woman with a “hi” and carry that forward with something, like “I have no clue about vegetables. Can you recommend me? What would be the best of the season? “That would definitely be a good ice-breaker, and you can carry on from there. If you are in an art museum, you can churn out some interesting information but at the same time, you should not sound as if you are “Mr. knew it all”

Last but not the least; you should never underestimate a woman’s intelligence and psyche when you approach them. Such a mindset will reflect in your physical characteristics, and they will be quite quick to spot it.

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