Online Connection Pics… Yes or No?

Online Dating Pics… Yes or No?


When I decided to go online to get dates instead of hitting up the bars and malls, I was afraid to put my picture on-line with my profile. I understand other people that feel the same way, but I don’t know why.
After 3 long months of looking through the profiles on a number of different online dating services I was more than just disappointed because I had not received many responses and those were not hopefuls either.
Then I decided to go public with my Facebook community of relatives and buddies. I polled them about using pictures on-line with my dating profile. I didn’t are expecting what I acquired right back from them either. Over 80% of the responses managed to get clear that they could not, every contact or answer somebody on an online dating site without a posted picture. Over 70% of these even said that the looks weren’t really the true factor for dating them or not, but if there was no picture, they felt they could easily be deceived or the individual is just so freaking ugly that they are afraid to create their picture. Now everybody knows that is not actually the case with people at all.
I digress, the outcomes of my Facebook poll/ survey flabbergasted me. The answers I acquired from people made me go to my dating profiles and immediately update these with an image. I resent messages w/ pics included this time around to every man I had originally contacted without response.
I could not believe it!
Within 3 days, 24 of the 28 I contacted actually taken care of immediately me. After all, I spent 3 whole months contacting these men, finding what I regarded as all ‘hopeful’ compatible matches and go nowhere at all. Then in 3 days time, I overcome an 80% response?
So, if anyone tells you that it really doesn’t matter if your picture is included in your internet dating profile, they just simply have no idea what they are talking about. These are just some of the responses I acquired from my Facebook friends:
  • “I don’t know about my fellow man, but if I am contacted and there is no pic, then I just assume that the chic is a freak of nature.”  “Who doesn’t include their picture in today’s times?”  —  Adam
  • “I just think you are hiding something or have drama- I don’t want no part of that!!” — Scott
  • “If I don’t see a picture or they aren’t willing to send me a picture, then I am thinking that they aren’t as serious as they claim about finding quality.  They are probably just looking for a good time.”  — Anna
  • “When I do my searches I click the box ‘pics included’ so if your picture isn’t on your profile, then I will not even see you at all.  You wont even show up in my results.”  —- Cynthia