EHarmony Reviews: In Search for Someone you’re Compatible With

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When you are on to looking for someone may it be online or not, compatibility would really matter. You will see in eHarmony reviews that the site has faith on this one word. Starting to operate on August 22, 1998, eHarmony becomes an online dating website. It matches single men and women after having asked details about every member. EHarmony stands on believing that it is compatibility that makes a relationship last and not our ideals. Looking at the person and his or her character is something that matters.

It was Neil Clark Warren with Greg Forgatch’s idea of this dating site which was started in Pasadena, California. Warren is a psychologist and even an author of books on giving advice about relationships. Strenuous studies and careful planning followed after the thought of the site came out. This then became the start of eHarmony.

Those who will register on the site have to answer a questionnaire. The answers to such will then be able to find out who you are through your character, what you believe in, traits and even you skills as a person. This is where the matching of couples start. The member is matched to another member compatible.

Searching for someone you’re compatible with especially online may seem funny for a bunch of people but if one is destined to find the person for him that way, we can’t question it. Once a person’s destiny is written as though their partner compatible with them may be found online, it’s a blessing. Studies show that 90% of eHarmony couples get to have a good marriage. This means that marriage of couples who has been matched by the online dating site had successful marriage because of the method of matching single men and women and for believing strongly that compatibility matters.

There already is a service in the site that’s called Compatible Partners. Having as much as 200,000 members, this service matches same-sex singles.

Subscription of members to the site is the classification of getting a match. There are two types of membership, the paying and the non-paying. A member who gets to pay his or her subscription cannot match to non-paying members. Couple match starts when the member’s answers to the questions have already been verified.

Not all online dating websites are the same along with its strategy in matching their members. An option is left to the user as to which among them best suits and is trusted enough. In discerning, it helps to look at reviews and even members’ feedback.

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