Gifts For Girlfriends – Avoid The Pitfalls!

Choosing a gift for your girlfriend can get very confusing indeed! You’ll want to make her feel special, but if times are tight, you may not have the budget you’d like in order to spoil her. There’s a lot of pressure on you to choose the right thing – get it wrong about your peril!

Worry not – women can be very easily pleased! We’ve got loads of ideas of great gifts for girlfriends when you’re on a budget, all sure to be a hit – which means big brownie points for you! Here are a few of our best tips:

A Pampering Day

No woman will be disappointed with a voucher for a day of pampering! Visit a few local salons and see what they are offering. No matter what your budget is you’ll find something to suit. If you’re really limited for money, then just get a back, neck, and shoulder massage voucher. But if you can push the boat out a bit, then why not include a manicure and pedicure too? She will totally love it, and as a bonus, she’ll come home feeling super-relaxed, and she may well have a few new massage techniques that she can practice on you!

A Romantic Picnic

We’re not talking your average, run-of-the-mill picnic here. If it is going to be a present, then you have to go all out. Buy a beautiful picnic hamper with a matching set of plates, cutlery, and glasses. Fill it with delicious food that you’ve been hand-picked from a farm shop or deli. Go for quality cheese, some fresh bread, and posh chutney to start with. Then pick out a fine-looking pastry or cake for a little sweetener at the end. Grab a bottle of fizz and a stylish picnic blanket and you’re good to go! A word of warning though – check the weather forecast first!

A Boat Trip

There is nothing more romantic than a boat trip for two! Have a look at what is offered locally – if you live along the coast you could go beach hopping, or if you live inland, then perhaps a river cruise would be a good idea? Boat trips are relaxing, fun, and you’ll get a bit of adventure! Perfect for a lady who likes living life to the max, a boat trip will be a bit hit.

Take Her Shopping

Okay, we know that not a lot of men are big on shopping, but your woman probably is! Make a big effort to take her to a really nice town with loads of shops you know she’ll like. Buy her whatever she picks out (you might have to give her a budget though – not very romantic but your bank manager will love you a little more), and take her out for a slap-up lunch and a glass of bubbly when you’re done.

Your girlfriend will be absolutely chuffed that you have gone to so much effort – so make sure that whatever you choose. You put a lot of thought into it. Don’t miss your chance to impress.

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