Fun Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

The early stages of a relationship are wonderful, aren't they? There's a certain comfort there, and the two of you are so in love that you'll never grow tired of each other. Well, that would be nice, but things don't stay perfect forever. One of the reasons the early stages are so carefree is that the curiosity factor is still high; you are still learning about each other. The relationship gets stale once that level of interest subsides. The following fun questions to ask your boyfriend will help to rekindle that interest, and make your relationship stronger.

What are your guilty pleasures?

We all have things that we privately enjoy, but are embarrassed to let other people know about it. Your boyfriend may not want to tell you right away, but keep asking until he tells you. Do your best not to laugh, no matter how silly you think his guilty pleasures are. Once you know what he secretly likes, you can try enjoying those things with him. Doing this will add something new to the relationship.

What are your favorite body parts?

This is actually a two-part question. You can start by asking the general question of what body parts he likes. After that, you can ask him what his favorite body parts of yours are. It's a seemingly innocent question, but don't be surprised if leads to more passion.

What are your fantasies?

It's fairly common for a girlfriend to ask her boyfriend what his sexual fantasies are. You can certainly do that, and you should return the favor by sharing your sexual fantasies with him. However, you can add even more to your relationship by asking him about his other fantasies as well. Helping each other indulge any of your fantasies will deepen the trust and positive feelings that you have for one another.

What was your favorite _____ when you were a kid?

You can fill in the blank with just about anything. Not only will you get a more complete picture of who your boyfriend is, but you will also find that reminiscing together is a great experience.

What's the worst song currently on your MP3 player?

This is similar to the guilty pleasure question, but it also gives you a better idea of his tastes. Perhaps the worst song on his player isn't a guilty pleasure; maybe it's just a song he doesn't like anymore. Whatever the case may be, it will give you more insight into what makes him tick.

What's the wildest thing that you have ever done?

Warning! Only ask this question if you are ready for the answer. You may be shocked at some of the things your boyfriend has done, or you may be amused by them. The only way to find out is to ask him.

These are only a few of the fun questions to ask your boyfriend, but don't stop there. Once you start asking these kinds of questions you will see what an improvement it makes in your relationship.

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