Phases Of Relationship

Most people will go through several relationships in their lifetime. They will enter one, find out things do not work, and move onto the next. It is all for the search of that ideal mate, that one perfect person who fills your life with joy. But along your journey you might notice a pattern. You may very well pick up on the Phases of Relationship that you go through every time.

There is really only three phases in a relationship. Each phase effects people differently. Knowing about these phases and what is likely to occur in them may help you plan ahead. If you know what is going on, you can work to avoid making mistakes or take different routes to achieve your goal.

The first phase of a relationship is when you both only care about each other. You spend all your time together. You love every little thing about each other. You feel more loved and connected then you have in your entire life. This phase is usually called the "Oceanic love" phase, for obvious reasons.

This is the phase of a relationship most people love the most. Why wouldn't they? In this phase there are no fights, no neglect, no worry. It is just a deep love and bonding that can make you feel complete. This phase generally lasts for around half a year, maybe longer or shorter depending on the couple.

The second Phases of Relationship is when you move out of that endless love phase. The second phase is what most relationships end up in, and it is also the phase where most relationships meet their end. After moving out of the Oceanic Love phase you start to want to go back to your life, the normal grind that you are accustomed to.

Both you and your partner want to watch the TV shows you like, go out and be with your friends, and generally just do the things you like. That is why problems arise in this phase. Couples stop being so blinded by love and start noticing the flaws of their partner.

Those little things that annoy you to no end, such as your boyfriend leaving the toilet seat up or your girlfriend leaving your beauty supplies laying around. These differences can build up to the point where they bring the entire relationship to a close which is why this phase is the biggest hurdle in any relationship.

The last Phases of Relationship is when you manage to overcome the middle phase, manage to sort out your differences, and settle in for the long haul. The third phase is when couples decide that they want to spend the rest of their lives together, love each other, and want to grow old with each other. Ideally this is when you would get married and start a family.

If you can make it to the third phase then you are pretty much home free. There will always be the risk of things turning sour for whatever reason. But if you managed to get through the second phase, manage to deal with your differences and still love each other then you will likely live very happily together.

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