Dating For Men

Sometimes, as a woman, I have to admit that I think guys can be pretty clueless... though I know there are many men who feel the same way about women! Anyway, I thought that if I could provide you with some dating for men tips things might get easier for all of us.

There are so many dating for men tips I can give you, but I will limit them to the things that are the most obnoxious to most women. Though, please remember, that all women are different. While many of us do have similar likes and dislikes, we are not all the same.

Don't make the mistake of thinking we all love chocolate and shoes!

That is actually the first tip: take the time to get to know a woman. Don't lump her into some general category of women. Each of us is a unique individual and we like to be treated that way.

One mistake a lot of guys make is that they talk too much when they first meet a woman, I know that in many cases this is due to nerves, but you need to overcome that.

Don't try so hard to impress her. It can just come off as being a braggart and that is obnoxious. Just carry on a conversation with her. Ask her what she does for a living, what hobbies she has, etc.

I know it's not the most earth shattering conversation but it is a basic way to get to know each other.

The next tip I will give you is this: always remember that, for the most part, when a woman is out with her friends she may just be out with her friends and not looking to meet a man.

I know, that for the most part, when men go out to a club with friends they are hoping to find a woman to "hook up with". That is the problem, often men and women who are out for the night have very different agendas.

Since many guys don't realize this they approach women and get rejected. It's not because of you, it's because she isn't interested in meeting a guy, she is just having fun with her friends.

I think with some guys, and their egos, they have a hard time believing that a woman can really have fun with her friends. I think that sometimes guys tend to think that all women are just waiting for a guy to come along... wrong!

Pay close attention to her body language when you approach. If she just happens to be looking around and she catches your eye, what does she do next?

Does she look away and not look back? If so, she probably isn't interested and doesn't want you to think that she is. Even is she looks your way again in a few minutes, she is probably just trying to see if you are still looking at her, it probably doesn't mean she is interested.

If she holds your glance, that is generally a good sign and you may want to approach her, but otherwise consider her to be not interested.

And the last tip is to take time with your appearance. I don't care what you see on t.v. no woman that I know likes their guy to look like he doesn't care how he looks. Comb your hair, get it cut, take a shower, shave, put on clean and pressed clothes, brush your teeth, etc.

Make her think she is special and you want to impress her. The whole grunge thing isn't as popular with most women as the advertising executives would have you believe.

This is great dating for men advice and if you follow it you will have more luck with women.

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