Should You Buy A Ring Before You Propose?

When you think about proposing to someone, the classic image is of a man down on one knee presenting a beautiful ring in a beautiful box, which is exactly what his bride to be wants and fits perfectly. Of course, while this is how it always works in the movies and on TV, it isn’t as easy to pull off as it sounds. A lot of couples actually choose a ring together, or the woman is tasked with choosing her own, and this can in some cases be much better. If you are wondering whether to pick out a ring before you pop the question or to get your ‘yes’ and then take her shopping, here are some things to think about:

Do You Have What You Need to Get It Right?

To get the ring right you need two things – a good sense of her taste, and to know her size. The only ways you can find out her sizes are either to ask, which can be tricky if the proposal is to be a surprise because it’s not normally something that comes up, to get one of her friends to find out (it can be easier for a girl to innocuously start talking about jewelry and ring sizes without arousing suspicion), or to find a ring. She already owns that fits on the same finger and takes it to jewelers  to size up. It can be impossible, because she may not even know her own size if she’s never been measured (and a lot of women haven’t if they usually wear cheaper costume jewelry – they just try on different rings in the store until one fits), and she may not currently wear any ring.

Of course you can buy the ring hoping for the best and have it resized after she says yes, which is fairly standard, but it does take away some of that special moment where she can start wearing it right away. If you don’t know what style she would like, this can also be a problem because remember that this is something she has to wear all the time, for hopefully the rest of her life – she has to love it. Again, her friends could be helpful here if you know them well enough to take them with you and can trust them to keep a secret!

Will It Mean a Lot to Her?

Some girls crave the traditional proposal whereas others would actually rather choose a diamond ring for themselves so they can get exactly what they want. If you are going to marry her, chances are you know her pretty well and have a good idea of whether she is more traditional and romantic, or more independent and modern. Think about whether she will be disappointed if the proposal comes without a ring, or delighted you are giving her a chance to choose something beautiful for herself or together. If you know she’ll want to see a ring, but you don’t have her size and taste in check, present a ring but tell her if she doesn’t like it it can be exchanged for one she does really love.

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The author of this post, Nolan Grey, is a sales executive at Diamonds on Web, a provider of diamond rings. He believes diamonds are a beautiful way to express ones feelings.

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