3 Ways To Deal With Lying Within A Relationship

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A Collection of Articles on Dating and Relationships

This is a collection of articles aimed at both men and women giving tips and advice on dating and relationships.
This is a collection of articles aimed at both men and women giving tips and advice on dating and relationships.

A Collection of Articles on Dating and Relationships

So, you have found your other half and you’re enjoying a cheerful and fulfilling romantic relationship. At least you believed so until you started to have the hunch that your loved one isn’t being absolutely truthful with you. Is your partner actually purposefully deceiving you or are you simply being too suspicious? In any case, you have to learn the truth and cope with the issue.

There are countless ways to deal with lying in a relationship. Some people decide to face their partner and question them. Other people will secretly check their partner’s phone log or emails. The issue with both these methods is that they are ineffective. If you decide to face your companion when you’re not sure that they have been lying, you’ll only make them defensive. If you try to find proof of their deceptive behaviour in a deceitful fashion, you will grant them all the power in any further communication about the difficulty.

Therefore what’s the best way to deal with lying in a relationship? Unpleasant as such an issue is, it’s also straightforward to resolve. In fact, there are just three things you need to do, if you suspect your partner is being dishonest:

1. Learn if they’re actually lying.
2. Talk about the problem.
3. Forgive and move on .

OK, as I discussed previously, finding out if your romantic partner is lying, is a tricky task. The right way to do that is to ask the right questions and monitor their body language while they respond. You should be aware of every little thing your partner tells you and watch out for any unreliable statements. When you sense one, ask your partner calmly “Didn’t you say that…” or “Wasn’t it (this or that) you said you’re doing?”.

When the truth is out, don’t just burst out in frustration. Talk to your partner calmly and attempt to understand what has incited their dishonesty. You could be shocked to discover that something you did has really made them to be dishonest with you!

The last step is to do your best and forgive your loved one and move on with your life, together. If you’re unable to do so, your doubt will eventually ruin your romantic relationship.

Lying in a relationship is a standard problem and unfortunately most couples are unable to deal with it. But if you stick to the 3 straightforward rules I just gave you, you will definitely find a way to deal with the difficulty in a positive and helpful way and place the base of a fair relationship.

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