How To Be A Sweet Girlfriend

If you are anything like me, you may have wondered how to be a sweet girlfriend. I am quite fiery and hot tempered so you wouldn't normally describe me as being sweet. But seemingly men like that and sometimes quite a lot.

So what do you need to do? You do not need to go as far as waiting for him at the front door when he comes home but it comes close. You need to show your man some affection and I don't mean in the bedroom although we will come to that later. Men like cuddles but only when appropriate i.e. in private. Public displays of affection tend to embarrass them.

Try taking the initiative and spice up your sex life but subtly is the key. For example, if you know he is having a hard time at work, why not surprise him with a massage one evening. Light the candles, slip into something more comfortable and heat up the massage oil. The temperature is guaranteed to rise.

Cook him his favorite meal and clear up afterwards letting him have the night off. In other words spoil him to distraction although after a while he may wonder if you are up to something.

Tease him when you are out in public. If you are at a restaurant, give his hand a massage under the table and watch how he tries to hold his concentration on the conversation. Send him cheeky I owe you messages such as a promise to dress up in his favorite outfit or do something naughty to really turn him on.

Surprise him with a weekend away. Men love surprises too but often are expected to be the ones to arrange them. This way you are showing him you fully understand how to be a sweet girlfriend.

Show consideration to his mates. If you live together, invite them round one evening and leave them some beers, food and dips to enjoy with the game. Your man will be very impressed and his friends will be envious.

You may be reading this thinking that I have taken things too far but the fact is that if you don't learn how to be a sweet girlfriend at least some of the time you are unlikely to progress to being a wife. In fact your progression will probably be to the status of ex girlfriend. That of course is fine if you do want to lose the man in your life but seeing as you asked the question I am guessing that's not the case. If you have a history of not making relationships work, perhaps now you have discovered why.

Do yourself a favor and start practicing now before it is too late. It is a lot easier to try to impress your boyfriend than it is to impress your ex.

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