Are You Staying Just For The Children

There are a lot of people that stay in a bad marriage for the sake of the children. This has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if not handled well the negative impact that is usually caused by this disharmonious feelings within the marriage framework, will end up causing more damage that good to all those involved.

Staying in a bad marriage, for the sake of the kids can be worse that actually going ahead and filing for divorce. The first style keeps everyone together but in a rather stressful environment of coexistence, while the latter contemplates the possibility of a clean and complete break between the couple with efforts to limit the negative impact this break will make on the children.

Sometimes staying in a bad marriage can have a lot of negative consequences that would be rather hard to live with, as these would eventually add to the already dire mental and physical situation the marriage is in and in most cases would not be very healthy for the children and the adults involved.

This is made even worse when both parties are agreeable that there is no chance of saving the marriage and both parties are willing to acknowledge that the marriage per say in now completely and thoroughly over.

This of course is a rather sad situation that is made worse if the couple decide to cohabitate for the sake of the children.

As either party will not have the freedom to move on with their lives and this could eventually cause even more problems and resentments for the couple in question and would definitely negatively impact the children in such as scenario.

However there have been instances, where couples have been able to work out their lives in such a way that they are able to live together with some level of sanity and comfortability, until the decision to divorce becomes the final solution to seek.

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