Amputee Dating Sites: Red Flags to Watch Out For

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Speed Dating (NASCAR)

Amputee dating sites are open to amputees and those open to dating amputees. Many people join because they sincerely want to find love. Like other dating sites, you should be wary of red flags on amputee dating sites.

Scamming Methods

Never fall for a scam. Many people try to do this, taking advantage of those who are serious about finding a relationship. There are honest ones out there, but there are bad seeds anywhere you go nowadays. It’s worth the risk, and you can minimize the risk.

One tell-tale sign of scams is the inconsistency in the information that a person provides. If your online date tells you things that directly contradict the things he said in the past, he may be scamming you. The inconsistencies can be related with their jobs, marital status or interests. He may be losing track of the lies he said before. Many claim to be in a profession that is prestigious but are lying only to catch your attention.

It’s easy to pretend when the account is fake. When lies get entangled together, inconsistencies tend to crop up.


Even if the individual is not after money, he may still be lying because of other things. He may be pretending to want a long lasting relationship, but what he really wants is a one night stand. Look at signs of emotional immaturity to find out if his claims add up. Because amputee dating is a small niche, some people may be there for the fetish side of it only. He may be a fetishist who wants to try it once with an amputee even if he claims that he’s open to talks about marriage.

If you’re ok with one night stands, you should not expect the relationship to go further. Choose someone with similar goals.

Not Answering Direct Questions

Always watch out for signs that he won’t answer your questions directly. Honesty in feelings is needed even when the initial interaction is online. If the other person shows annoyance at any direct question, you have to wonder what that person could be hiding.

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