Divorce – Sadly Christians Go Through It As Well

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A Collection of Articles on Dating and Relationships

This is a collection of articles aimed at both men and women giving tips and advice on dating and relationships.
This is a collection of articles aimed at both men and women giving tips and advice on dating and relationships.

A Collection of Articles on Dating and Relationships

Divorce is something that loads of people face every day. This also includes christians. The discussion in the christian community over divorce is powerful and diverse. Many believe divorce is unsuitable as stated by the lord. However many others believe it is acceptable under certain circumstances.

In a divorce christian religion can be tested and it can be hard to know what to belief with so many antagonistic statements. However christianity is all about faith, and more recent christians acknowledge that reality doesn’t quite go according to God’s plan.

It is our duty as god’s folks to try our best to live our lives as god would desire, but to also live our lives as we would desire. As much as the bible may look down on divorces, it is also a unavoidable evil.

Humans have free will and part of having free will is screwing up and adapting over time . If god didn’t want us to evolve he wouldn’t have given us the facility to do so. Because of this present, we often change over time . The person you will have married might not be the same person today.

Whether you simply grew increasingly apart or because a betrayal was committed in your marriage, a divorce might regularly turn out to be the best choice. A divorce christian will suffer a harder time during a divorce then others. Not only must they say with all the Problems of a divorce, but also the test on their religion as they know they are going against god’s plan.

However we must remind ourselves that god is all knowing, and forgiving of our sins. While he may not like divorces, we know that he will understand. As much as god could be against divorces, he would be more against you staying in an abusive relationship or staying with somebody you don’t love.

Some christians like to follow the bible to the letter, and use it as a shield and epee in the fight over whether a divorce is acceptable. But one thing we must recollect is that the bible was written centuries back and time changes. What may have been right then may not be now.

As we progress and discover more about ourselves and the universe god put us in, we also get even more open to new ideas and realizations. And one such awareness is that god doesn’t want us to suffer needlessly, and as such wouldn’t would like us to remain in a functional relationship we don’t desire.

Eventually it boils down to you and what your take on the christian faith is. This actual christian believes god to be appreciation of our plights and forgiving of our transgressions as long as they are not made recklessly and often .

If you’re of the opinion a divorce christian is sufficient, and don’t wish to stay in your relationship then you must get out. However if you think god would like you to remain then by all possible means, stay and fix your relationship. It all boils down to personal faith.

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