How To Pick Up Using Dirty Texting Ideas!

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Boundaries in Dating: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Relationships

Ever attempted coming up with dirty texting ideas to see if you can get some action?

Wait, let me backup.

If you’re like me and are active in the dating scene, then you know that text messaging is a urgent component for keeping in touch, but infrequently its fun to get a little filthy and see what happens.

Well, I was browsing online for dirty texting ideas and I came across this guy named Mike Fiore. And let me just say this, the bloke is a freaking genius with using texting to enhance relations, and he made a killer bog post called “dirty texting ideas”.

The very first thing that got my attention in his article is that one of the huge mistakes ‘ folk make with Dirty Texting ( particularly men ) is to go directly for “vulgar” without any build up or anticipation.

It may sound so basic, but I know That I have been guilty of that, and I am sure you could have too.

The cool thing is he walks you through the total steps that he promote you follow in post, and I’m able to tell you right now…

I broadcast it off!

He gave a total real-life example and it, as I said earlier, is killer. A word of caution this isn’t for the faint of heart, he isn’t pulling any punches here, and he shows you exactly what you want to say.

Anyway, I believe you should check his blog out if the topic of filthy texting ideas is something that interests you.

In fact even though it isn’t, go read this tract it is awesome and as much as it is common-sense in a way, I assure you 99% of people are over thinking this and not doing it.

Kudos to you Mike I haven’t any clue whom you are but you’ve got a new fan now!

Oh wait, I sort of forgot. You can check out the article at

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