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So you feel like your partner is falling out of love or your relationship is coming to an end. The first thing that will come to our mind is how to keep the love alive so we can save our relationship. We might assume that we are doing the appropriate thing since we are under emotional anxiety and we tend to do Every little thing just to keep our partners. Sometimes the very last thing we do is to assume of the consequences of our actions.

There are some moves that can be considered silly when it comes to saving our relationships with the one we love. Here are a few things that really should not be done in order to keep love alive.

1. Hacking into electronic mails or phones looking for information whether your partner is seeing someone else. This would be a very bad move. Either you will just hurt yourself more if you’ll discover something that you really would not want to know, or he will fall out of love more since you have invaded his privacy. If you wanted to know the exact reason of his change of heart, ask him for a heart to heart talk. Just prepare yourself in dealing with whatever his solution might be. Do not drive him to talk if he is not yet prepared though.

2. Forcing him or her to go into counseling. Do not plead or cajole, just let things be. Forcing it on him or her would just aggravate your situation. If he or she is not yet prepared, you can go and pay a visit to a marriage counselor even if you are by yourself. You can go for individual counseling and you might be surprised to find out how changing your own behavior can bring a optimistic change in your relationship.

3. Resorting to nasty tactics like cheating just to get even or lying is not the very best thing to do. Be honest about how you feel and take the risk of being vulnerable. Remember that rely on is the biggest factor in a relationship.

4. Do not threaten him or her of hurting yourself if he or she leaves you. This would be a really desperate move. Of course it will not be good if he will just stay with you simply because his conscience tells him so.

5. Never make him or her the Middle of your life. Focus on yourself and do not forget that for others to love you, you have to love yourself first. Nurture yourself with love and consideration so your partner will see your worth.

6. Do not bargain with him or her. Your attempts to bargain with your partner will only make you appear weak and desperate to hold him back at any cost.

7. Don’t play blame games with your partner. Just listen calmly to whatever he has to say and stage out that this is not just simply because of you, what you did or what you did not do. Both of you has your own contributions as to why your relationship failed. Do not put the blame on yourself. Remember to keep your self look on as no matter what.

8. Do not break down in front of your partner when he or she leaves you for someone else. Handle the situation calmly and with all dignity. It is not the end of the world. Yes it hurts a lot but that will not keep the world from turning.

9. Drowning yourself to Depression will not give you something but time thrown away. Remember that you nonetheless have a life ahead of you. Pick up the pieces one emotion at a time and you will be able to stand on your own two feet.

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In Conclusion

To be able to have a healthy and long lasting relationship, remember that it constantly takes two. It will never ever work out if you are the only one in love. It will constantly be a two way road. If your partner cannot give you the love that you deserve or has fallen out of love, the best way to deal with it is to let go. You might be wasting your time and emotions with the wrong person. Surely, there is someone out there who’s more worthy of your love and can give you the love and consideration that you truly deserve go to Find True Love Find True Love now.

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