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Devotions for Dating Couples: Building a Foundation for Spiritual Intimacy

Today, there is a great deal of emphasis on the mystical and intangible nature of relationships but very little emphasis on the real, practical steps involved in building an enduring love. In contrast, authors Ben Young and Sam Adams place great importance on the value of spiritual compatibility in Devotions for Dating Couples.

Designed especially for highly committed or engaged couples, it helps readers:

  • Understand and avoid the most common barriers to spiritual growth
  • Have an increased desire for fellowship with God
  • Share and explore spiritual issues together
  • Pursue godliness, personal relational health, and wholeness
  • Each of the nine sections includes…

    Devotions for Dating Couples: Building a Foundation for Spiritual Intimacy

    I’ve always found it a bit clumsy to call a bloke after we’ve just met or after a first date. Call me dumb, but there were times when I couldn’t even make myself call my current partner in the middle of the day solely to say “Hi, I love you” as I was scared he might think I am crazy. Well, that was until I heart about SMS message flirting.

    Text message flirting appears to be the “new black” in peoples interactions. In fact , you do it each time you include emoticons or faces in your text messages. But I am not talking about this basic kind of flirting. What I mean are those clever yet flirty SMS messages that can really melt a man’s heart!

    Text message flirting offers an opening to show interest and express feelings towards somebody without the ineptitude of face-to-face or voice interactions, and definitely without the dread of being rejected. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to follow up a resent acquaintance with a man you have an interest in or to follow up a 1st date.

    Great as text flirting is, there are some essential rules each lady wishes to understand, if she would like to make the best of it. For example, you’ve got to know when the right time to send a message is and what type of message you must send at each stage of your relationship. There are texts that guarantee 100% success and there are message a lady should not ever send. Above all, you would wish to come up with an engaging text that may generate interest and provoke him in a specific way.

    I stumbles upon the same challenges when I first tried text flirting. Fortunately , I discovered a fabulous article called “Text Message Flirting – Melt Any Person With Nothing Except Your Thumbs” and it got me to a higher level in not time. Not only the article offers invaluable tips but there also are a few glorious examples of effective text flirting scenarios you would wish to try immediately.

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    Text Message Flirting

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